C64 Rulez!

Jan. 06, 2008

4 C64 Fanz

I'm a Commodore 64 fan. Here are some tips for a nostalgia trip.
On Lemon 64 you'll find detailed info for many C64 games.
The best C64 emulator for Windows is probably Win VICE. Use it in conjuction with Quick64!, a Shell-Extension utility to run your favorite games easily.
You can download C64 game-filez for free from GameBase 64.
If you love C64 game tunez download the High Voltage SID Collection.
To play SID files use SID Play 2. I think the best SID tunez come from Jeroen Tel and Rob Hubbard. C64 is waiting for you!!
By the way, why don't you listen to the C64 Orchestra cover or Press Play on Tape cover of Rob Hubbard's classic tune for Monty on the Run?