What' s this??

In 1990, at the age of 16, using my real name (Andrea Germi), I created Breathless, a Commodore 64 game, based on the original version of S.E.U.C.K., running on my trusted Commodore 128D. After unsuccessfully trying to get the game reviewed by Zzap!, the italian version of Zzap!64, I have forgotten it on a floppy disk for 30 years.

Retrieved in 2020, I gave it a new life using the same S.E.U.C.K. version. I changed parts of the background, some enemy waves and characters. Moreover I adapted the game to these times giving it a bit of lore.

Now, in 2022, on the 40th anniversary of C64, that game, renamed Breadless, is ready to rock you!

Embody Pea One or Pea Too with their different skills (speed and fire range) and guide them along fast scrolling levels. Having the old good TAC-2 as companion can make the difference!

Are you tough enough to reach the Gate, revealing all the mysteries around it (game title included) ?

Help the Peas and enjoy the game!!

Some weeks after this page has been published, I casually discovered that the Breathless copy I sent to Zzap!, has been preserved by one of its editors, Carlo Santagostino. Moreover, in 2006, he brougth a copy of the game to Roberto Nicoletti, the author of Ready64, to add it to his site. For the occasion, the programmer Ian Coog cracked the game adding training mode. This is why there are older references to Breathess on the Net!